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Merkel Cell Skin Cancer

Jimmy Buffet dies from rare aggressive form of skin cancer.

What You Need to Know About Sleep

Six in 10 Americans are sleep deprived. Dr. Knight discusses the importance of the quality and quantity of the sleep you need.

 Understanding Food Allergies

Dr. Matthew Knight helps us understand food allergies and how you can develop allergies and sensitivities at any age.

Using Hand Sanitizer Leads to Fewer Illnesses

Dr. Matthew Knight explores the benefits of using hand sanitizer and how it can lead to fewer illnesses.


Preventative Botox: Is it safe?

Dr. Matthew Knight discusses getting Botox in your 20s and 30s and if it’s safe.

Protecting Yourself From Summer Sun

Dr. Matthew Knight shares how to protect yourself from the summer sun.

Photo filters have some seeking plastic surgery

Dr. J. Matthew Knight comments on how photo filters have some seeking plastic surgery.

A new study shows that breast cancer surgery may cause cancer cells to spread.

Opioid Abuse

J. Matthew Knight, M.D. comments on the insurance industry’s stance on opioid abuse.


Dangerous Skin Fads

Amy Kaufeldt and Dr. Knight discuss dangerous skin fads on Good Day Orlando.

Spotting Signs of Skin Cancer

Dr. Knight explains what to look for when checking your skin.

Women spend up to $300K on their faces

In this interview, Dr. Knight explains when to save and when to splurge on skincare products.


Weird sleep habits that can affect your skin health

Can you really get beauty sleep? Sleep habits can affect your skin health. 

Sunscreen At School

Sunscreen use can cut kids’ risk of melanoma by 50% – so why is it so hard to bring it to school in Florida? Amy Kaufeldt FOX 35 and J Matthew Knight, MD discussed new legislation this morning on Fox 35 WOFL.

What your skin says about your health

What our skin can tell us about our overall health and how it can warn us about serious medical problems.

Protecting your lips from the sun’s rays

Good Day Orlando’s Amy Kaufeldt interviews J. Matthew Knight, M.D. about sun protection for your lips. 


A Reliable Vitamin A Cream Might Be The Most Effective Staple In Your Skin Care Regiment

Dr. J. Matthew Knight, the dermatologist of the Knight Dermatology Institute, says “There’s nothing more effective than Vitamin-A-based creams when it comes to the treatment/prevention of wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, and photo aging… Recent studies show that  OTC retinol at higher strengths may be almost as effective as prescription Retin-A, but with lower cost and less irritation.” About Face Organic Vitamin A Night Cream contains two percent retinol, and it’s gentle, non-greasy, and extremely nourishing. “The key, though,” says Dr. Knight, “is consistency — it should be used every night for a lifetime.”

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