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A beauty mark can be an attractive accent, but moles can appear in areas that are uncomfortable or unwanted. Moles can also be linked to skin cancer. At Knight Dermatology Institute in Lake Mary, Winter Park, Melbourne, and Orlando, Florida, the expert team can evaluate suspicious moles and remove any that are precancerous or aesthetically displeasing. Call one of the locations or book a consultation using the online tool if you’re concerned about any moles on your face or body.

Moles Q & A

What is a mole?

Moles typically show up as brown spots but can have a variety of characteristics. Normal moles are tan, brown, black, red, blue, or pink. Their texture varies, and may be smooth, wrinkled, flat, or raised. Moles are usually oval or round and may have hair growing from them. Most moles are smaller than 1/4-inch in diameter, or about the size of a pencil eraser. Most moles are harmless, and people typically have 10-40 on their bodies.

When should I be concerned about a mole?

Moles can grow just about anywhere on your body, including under your armpits and between your fingers and toes.

Moles may raise concerns if they change in appearance. Factors to watch for include:

  • An asymmetrical shape
  • Irregular or notched borders
  • Color changes
  • Changes in diameter
  • Evolving moles that alter in size, shape, color, or height

Moles that start to itch or bleed, or that turn entirely black, may also be of concern. Cancerous moles may have all of these characteristics, or just a few.

How are moles treated?

Most moles don’t need treatment, but if you have any with suspicious characteristics, have them examined by a board-certified dermatologist such as Dr. Knight at Knight Dermatology Institute. If you have a suspicious mole, Dr. Knight takes a tissue sample and has it examined by a pathology lab. If it is cancerous, he’ll perform a surgical procedure to remove it.

If you have moles that rub against clothing or are irritated when you shave, Dr. Knight can remove these, too, on an outpatient basis. If a mole grows back following removal, consult with Dr. Knight immediately. Mole removal can sometimes leave a permanent scar.

Even if you don’t have suspicious moles, get a regular comprehensive skin exam from Dr. Knight. Sometimes, moles appear in areas that you can’t easily detect, including on your scalp or back. A board-certified dermatologist is trained to identify suspicious moles early so you avoid complications of skin cancer.

If you have a mole that is bothersome to you or seems suspicious, do not hesitate to call the office of Knight Dermatology Institute or book an appointment using the online tool.


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